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Geologists call the low-degree volcanic evoporation containing a lob of carbon-dioxide. The Authority of the Country Medical and Spa of the Ministry of Health can be found in Mátraderecske.


Mátraderecske is situated in the northern part of the Mátra Mountains in Heves County. The population of the village is 2400 and it is rich in natural resources, it has a wonderful view of the mountains and pure air. The water of the spa is good for rheumatic diseases.


Along the volcanic fault line, where the village is situated, carbon-dioxide escapes from the soil. In our country it is a unique natural phenomenon which contains 85-95 tf% of carbon-dioxide and radon, which comes to the surface by 400 l/hour from 1000 metre depth. The people have used the carbon-dioxide as a spa for many years because it effects on specific diseases. The gas goes through the skin and gets into the tissues and makes a specific vasodilator effect. This effect comes out under the skin and its connective tissues and in the internal organs. After the treatment flushing, strong heartcontraction, deep-breathing, the decrease of the blood-pressure and sleepiness can be noticed. Because of these effects the medical gas is suitable to cure heart and periferical artery disease, high blood-pressure, vascular complication of diabetics, arthrosis, osteoporosis and the improve the condition after vascular operation.


The noble gas radon, which comes from radium in the earth’s crust, goes through the skin to the body and after 20 minute bath it spreads in the blood area. Its effect is retarded but after the treatment it is stronger. Radon increases the cellular metabolism and makes the immune system stronger.


The treatment consists of fifteen cures. During the first cure the patients sit in the gas for 15 minutes, later 25 minutes. The gas level is in the height of the navel or hips. The gas stream is continuous and its height is signed with a sleeping candle or a balloon with oxygen.The treatment is controlled by doctors or qualified staff. We suggest that patients should wear cotton leisure weare and secure shoes.


The essential documents to the treatment


  • Photocopies of the final hospital bulletins and findings

  • ECG examination

  • Laboratory tests (not older than one month)

  • Chest X ray

Suggestion for the Carbon-dioxide dry bath


  • chronic obliterative arteries of the limbs Fontaine stadium II-III-IV.

  • diabetic microangiopathy

  • rheumatic disease with functional and organic circulatory disturbance in the vessels of the limbs

  • Buerger disease, Raynaud syndrome

Contraindication of the Carbon-dioxide dry bath


cardic insufficiency, inflamed illness, fever,

high-blood pressure (more than 200/100 Hgmm) malignant neoplasm, serious arrhytmia, Grave's disease, hyperthyreosis, angina pectoris, frequent unconsciousness, after infarction (until six months) psychopathiac personality, serious respiratory disturbances, alcoholic state (condition), disfunction of metabolism with acidozis ischaemia, pregnancy, menstruation, thromboembolic status, under 18.




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